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About Us

Welcome to Lectro Digit.. we are located in Bradford Ontario . Everything we create is done by hand with pride.

We Build our address numbers for you one at a time with a choice of colours that will compliment or accent your home or building and not in bulk.

Most box store address numbers are between 4 to 7 inch. Our numbers start at 10 inch and we can create them up to 20 inch.

Lectro Digit Addresses use Led and create a back lighted effect showing your address in silhouette at night.

The power for Lectro Digit comes from a low voltage supply.

If a lighted Address is not possible due to your home layout of power availability, we can build Lectro Digit without back

 lighting but still a full 10.25 inch (italic) or 10 inch (non italic) in height which will be easier to see due to its size plus we will put a reflective coating on your numbers that will show when light hits its surface.

Our numbers are made of 1/4 inch Polycarbonate which stands up to all weather conditions and will not tarnish.

We hope this helps in explaining just a bit of who we are... feel free to navigate our site and if you have any 

questions or if you have a specific requirement, please contact us.



Lectro Digit