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Price List

Each lighted number kit includes 10 inch Number, power supply, timer, mounting hardware and install.

Each 10 inch Digit comes wired with back lighted Leds in either cool white or warm white and colour coated in a colour of choice ( limited to colour available for proper adhesion)

One Digit Package $135.

Two Digit Package $210.

Three Digit Package $285

Four Digit Package $360

Five Digit Package $435

Unlighted 10 inch addresses available at $35 per number  

Taxes extra

Get your Lectro Digit for Free ( click here)

If you wish to save on a DIY install, ( lighted address only)  please take $30 off the above price... 

for either pickup or delivery.

if Shipping out of area, please add 25 or we can make arrangements

Custom Sizes are available up to 20 inch

Example per Digit

The first three Digits on the left are samples of Box Store sizes and the 3 on the right are Lectro Digit Sizes

Prices below are per digit without power supply , timer or install  but does come with mounting hardware

Standard 10 inch lighted with mounting hardware $75

13 inch for Landscape or wall or Landscape mount lighted $90

20 inch lighted for Landscape or Pillar mount $134


If you desire your address on a landscape rock. we have 3 sizes available the prices below are for the faux rock only

the digits are for display purposes only.

35 inch wide at the base, 22 inch high and 26 inch deep ( hollow to allow wiring , easily anchored with metal pegs) weatherproof


Price $250.00 ( jumbo rock only), Address sets are separately priced


Med size 16.5 inch high, 20 inch wide and 15.5 inch deep ( hollow easily anchored weatherproof)

 Price $144.00 ( medium rock only), address sets are separately priced.


24 inch high, 16 inch deep, 14 inch wide.. ( note shown with 13 inch digit) ( hollow easily anchored weatherproof)


Price $105.99 ( medium small only) address sets are separately priced.

please contact us with your request. or questions.  Stan@lectrodigit.ca


We realize that there are lots of homes with no easy access to power or no garage, 

We can make up the numbers without backlights but with reflective coating with colour and sizes from 10 inch to 20 inch. 

Why Not consider giving a Gift Certificate to a New Home Owner or Anniversary Gift for whatever amount you wish.


Please feel free to contact us with your requirements as we make each digit made to order, 

such as colour LED and colour of the finish and sizes up to 20 inch ( our standard size is 10 inch)

Stan@lectrodigit.ca       289-803-3241