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Questions and Answers..

What is Lectro Digit ?

We have created Lectro Digit mainly to be seen. Our Numbers start at 10 inches in height  which is much larger than your normal box store numbers

 and can be refinished if needed.. we use a quality coating which is UV protective and our numbers are made of Polycarbonate which is weather proof.

 heat proof ,cold proof and far more durable than Acrylic ..will not tarnish. Below is a sample of the typical 6 and 7 inch verses our size. we picked black for the 

sample to give you a better prospective.


Why do I need Lectro Digit?

Can you see your house numbers easily at night? Why?

 In case of Emergency, Friends trying to locate you, Deliveries and more.

Lectro Digit is made of a rust proof, refinishable material that will withstand the test of time, they are larger than normal , and when installed create a floating look with a back 

lighted effect giving your address a silhouette look by washing the wall with a glow of light thus enhancing your address during the dark hours and large

colourful numbers to compliment or accent your home's Decor


How do I install them??

Our addresses come with  standoffs which will extend the addresses off the wall so that the back lit numbers will emit a light against the wall thus

 silhouetting your address making the address stand out. They install similar to any other address except you would need to feed the low voltage wire through a hole

 through the wall to the inside and connect it to the 12 volt supply. Because Lectro Digit mounts onto the house face and not on a box or in a box where a

 photo cell might be installed.. we suggest using a simple timer where the low voltage power supply would be plugged into and set the timer to run from sunset to

 sunrise...full instructions to install lectro digit ius supplied with your order.


Where can I get Lectro Digit?

Each order is Crafted, Coated , Wired, and shipped to you once we receive you order.. 


How long have your been in business?

We are a family owned business, we started building Lectro Digits as well as other energy saving items back in the late 70s using the 7 inch brass numbers , 

Now, we have revamped our design using larger numbers and incorporated LED strip lights which have proven themselves to be a great performer.


You said that you can make the numbers with a variety of standard quality colours but what colour is the lighting?

We can build them with warm white rated approx.3000 degree Kelvin in the CRI scale .emitting a warm light on the yellowish colour spectrum.. however, a lot of our

 customers wish as bright as possible therefore you may wish a cool white light which is in the 4000 CRI scale emitting a daylight glow.. please see our sample installs

 below. CRI stands for colour rendering index.\Note: warm white closely resembles the glow of incandescent lights ( older style light bulbs) while the cool white

 matches existing standard LED bulbs.. listed as cool white.

 Life expectancy is rated at 50,000 hours which relate to 15 years of night use 


I have a home with no garage, how can I get Lectro Digit to enhance my home and be visible?

Lectro Digit was created to be a lighted address however  we do realize that many homes may not have easy access to an electrical outlet to power the Addresses..

Because we hand craft Lectro Digit, we can built them without back lighting and just have them without lighting and mount the large 10+ inch numbers onto the wall  of

your choice in a choice of Colours, , the price for a number only will be much cheaper and easier to install...

The Numbers have a floating effect which gives Lectro Digit a modern yet effective look. We coat them with a reflective coating which when light

hits the number(s) will give a reflection to better enhance the view at night .


My Home is far from the road, how can I show my Address?

Some of the installations we have done have a rock on the property, we can install the address onto that rock ( if size appropriate)

If you not have a rock or Landscape rock, We do carry 3 varieties of Faux rock made of weather proof epoxy to look like a rock.

This faux rock can be placed into a Garden , and if Power is available the faux rock can be placed over the power to hide the outlet.

If There is no power available, we will coat the Digits with a reflective paint over the colour of your choice.


A Family Member or Friend is getting Married or Moving .. Are Gift Certificates available?

Certificates are Available for whatever amount you desire to give as a gift.

Our Certificates have a To and From which means you can send it? or we can send it for you.

You can pay by visa/mc or Debit and a receipt will be emailed to you.

We also accept Paypal.

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