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Our Numbers

Our Numbers are hand cut out of polycarbinate known to be durable virtually bullet proof and unaffected by regular ambient heat or cold, 

Do not crack or lose its shape... we cut each of our numbers , wire them then mount them on  3/4 to 1 inch stand offs ( supplied). 

Depending on the where the numbers will be mounted... 3/4 inch is the standard. 

If you have aluminum siding where the addresses are to be mounted, then we might recommend a combination of the two sizes  to allow for the 

overlapping shapes of the siding...  If your home is far from the road and have a landscape rock or wish a Faux rock to adorn your landscape, 

We can create numbers upto 20 inch tall while our standard is 10 inch. Please check our Gallery for sample of rock mount and faux rock mount

Our Lighting

 We install the LEDs to fit the back side of the number, they are then soldiered and wired together to emit the lighting 

effect needed to be easily seen at night in either a cool white (similar to daylight) or warm white ( slight yellow incandescent look)  colour

How much will it cost me a year to supply electricity to my address.. example 100  

We don't skimp on the leds used. as we want you to be seen under any and all conditions day by size and night.by illumination if you have an 

address of 100 ( example), Your cost per month would be approx. 6 cents based on operating the addresses for 10 hrs per day for 30 days...

Can I run Lectro Digit with solar panel?

In short? yes... but keep in mind that the solar panel will need to charge a battery to feed your addresses and would also need a bright day for the panels 

to generate and would also need to install a photo cell  which is readily available on amazon or Ali express for a reasonable price

 to switch the power on at night..